Key skills to Have to be a Good Lawyer

Every career has a set of skills and characteristic that you have to hone overtime and develop. Of course we as humans are not born with all the qualities needed for a particular job nor do we all have equal qualities, therefore it would be safe to say that we are all a work in progress. So to excel in a certain field we must practice and keep developing. Let’s look as some of these key qualities and skills you will need to excel as a lawyer.

Personal judgement: oftentimes as a lawyer one must be able to come to logical conclusions based on limited facts and figures available. You should be able to logically look at a situation and identify issues while also be able to come to logical conclusions regarding persons as well. Having an open mind and critical thinking is also important for you to be able to see weaknesses in your own argument and the opposition’s arguments. Once you have made a judgement call, it is important that you stand your ground and not waver as well.

Communication: to be successful, you must be a good public speaker and be confident when you speak as well. Being articulate in the accepted language is very important if you are to present your arguments in the presence of judges and juries in a convincing manner. Apart from oral communication, written communication is also important as there are numerous legal documents that need to be completed. Listening is also part of this whole process, and being a good listener will help you understand complex arguments made by the clients and the opposition.

Research: to understand your clients and what they are saying, you need to be able to do your background research quickly. The research skills you have will determine the arguments you are able to build and successfully present. In doing your research you must be able to go through a lot of legal and non legal content and narrow down the information that is crucial in presenting logical arguments.

Handling people: no matter how well you do in law school, at the end of the day, you are dealing with people and representing them, therefore you must be a people person, being able to read and empathise with them. The decisions and arguments you present affect lives in varied levels, therefore being able to care about people are also important.

These are few crucial skills a good lawyer needs to posses. Apart from these, persistence, creative thinking and a can do attitude work well to create a successful lawyer.



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